Last weekend my husband and I were in our yard to begin work on our chicken run.  We had removed one end of the chicken wire and pulled it back towards the fence.  While looking for a nail of some kind that might be already in the fence to hook the chicken wire to, I kept asking my husband if he sees anything on the fence, a nail or screw.  (I was too lazy to walk all the way to the shed to get a nail.)

While repeating my need for a nail or hook of some kind our Lizzie was on my right just pecking away at a spot along the bottom of the fence.  I finally took notice of her constant pecking.  She looked up at me when I asked. “What are you pecking at?”  Low and behold!  It was a small hook that was screwed into the fence!

Do you think she understood me and pointed it out to me?  It sure did feel that way.

I found this interesting article today on chicks and how they associate low and high numbers with left and right, respectively, just like humans (link), and it made me think of what took place with Lizzie last weekend.

Maybe we are mistaken about chickens and they aren’t such birdbrains after all?!


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but he who does the truth

“For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.  But he who does the truth comes to the light that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”  

John 3:20-21

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The right thing

Originally posted on Cristian Mihai:

the_right_thing“The really dangerous people believe that they are doing whatever they are doing solely and only because it is without question the right thing to do. And that is what makes them dangerous.”Neil Gaiman

It is rare that people hurt others just for their own amusement. Most times, people hurt others because they believe that is the right thing to do. They believe in their cause, in their rights, or they believe the others deserve it.

The worst atrocities have been committed because people thought they were doing the right thing. What had to be done. I find this particular concept to be so hard to grasp, because it implies that morality, virtue, good and evil, are all subjective.

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No Second Chances?

One of the stupidest things I heard from someone who I thought was my friend was, “We all wish we could have a do-over, don’t we Debbie.”  “We all wish we could have a second chance.”

What did she mean by that?

When she said this to me, I was going through the most difficult time of my life.  It was a time when a friend should have been there for me. It was a time when our daughter decided we were not ‘worthy’ enough to have any kind of contact with, ever again.

This so-called friend told me that she never knew about any of my struggles, even after the email.  Yet, she knew my daughter was pregnant that year.  We did not.  She knew and talked behind our backs to my daughter and her new ‘family’.  I knew she was stirring up dissension among us. I was so upset that day when our daughter and her husband told us never to see them again.  There was that time when our daughter dumped us for good, the date I will always remember, Dec. 27, 2012. It was like a death took place.

“Of course she is going to choose her husband over her parents, Debbie,” she tells me at lunch that day two years ago.

“Why, who is telling her she has to choose?”  “We never had any problem with her husband.”  “We were so happy for her.”  “All we ever wanted was for her to be happy.”

I believe they did this because I said I chose my son over her actions that Thanksgiving.  Threatening 911 over this friends husband who started a fight (no fists, just arguing) with our son.

Now, more and more, I believe that this woman also influenced my daughter to treat us like poop.  For there had been many occasions where this woman would put (me and) my husband down, so much so, that she said to me, “I don’t even know why you are with him, Debbie.”  Trying to put negative thoughts in my mind about my own husband.  Saying things that were cruel and mean…  all in jest.

Second chances…  what ever happened to forgiveness, seventy times seven.  Oh, that’s right you have to know God to know how to forgive someone.

I have no regrets at all for my life.  I have no regrets for making babies and loving them and caring for them the best I knew how.  I have no regrets meeting all who ever entered my life.  No Regrets.  I know I have lived my life and loved those around me to the best of my ability.  Even with all its ups and downs.  Even with all my imperfections.  Even with all the sin that abounds anywhere and everywhere.  I have no regrets because I was never purposely mean and cruel to any of those who God placed in my life.  That includes the words written in my blog.  No regrets.  For this blog would have never been born if it wasn’t for their actions and the need for me to try to come to grips with that which was foisted on me for no reason.  And, I have no regrets because, I would have never seen and known who truly are my friends.

Still wondering what we did to deserve never to be seen again?  I know my daughter will say it is because I called her husband a wimp that summer.  The summer when we were trying to reconcile and they wanted nothing to do with it.  Oh, but, it was okay for her and him to call my husband a wife beater.  Even my so-called friend said to my face that day at lunch that he is not and she would never see him that way.

Do you people even know the true God? Do you not understand the world that is to come? Do you not care where your soul is going to wind up?

Maybe they all have the same mentality as my daughter’s new mother-in-law.

“I wish my daughter would reconcile with her father and I,” I had said to my daughter’s new mother-in-law, while at the winery, “For we are older now and we do not have very many years left.”

Her response, “Well, if you die then you can just say you won then, now can’t you.”

This is not about winning or losing, jerks.

Thank God for second chances, and third, and fourth, and seventy times seven.

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It Just Doesn’t Matter!

My thoughts on the old year(s).  I want to believe it mattered, but, in reality, I guess it never did.  So, goodbye old life! (cue “Green Acres”)  I am so excited to be moving forward!

Obviously, it just never mattered.

“Even if God in Heaven above comes down and points His hand to our side of the field…  it just doesn’t matter!”  For I realized it was never about us per say, but, it was/is truly all about who will give or has the most money, money, money. (that’s another song)

This will be a positive year for me.  I already feel it!  (The steadfast Love of the Lord never ceases. Amen.)

My new mantra, “It just doesn’t matter!”

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The Hoary Head

madeline kahn

My hair is getting so gray that I joked to my husband I am starting to look like Madeline Kahn in Young Frankenstein.  :)

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Quote of the Day

So, if you have read my previous post you will know about Jarrid Tansey and how the hardworking class of the world has come out to support him for his decorum under duress.  Well, he has made the quote of the day!

From Jarrid Tansey:

“Its okay, you got your seven dollars back, so the world is right now.”

Love It! :)

(In reality, to me, that statement is showing those mean people in the video just what little children act like.  “Wah! I want that toy!” says the little brat.  “Here you go, calm down, you have your toy so all is right with your little world now.” says Jarrid.)

I just think this pizza delivery guy thing speaks for all of us used and abused from mean people.  I think that is why those of us donated…  we’ve been/are there.

PS  This is so exciting!!  It is almost like “It’s a Wonderful Life” where the whole town pulls together over evil banksters, I mean car dealers.


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