The Who, What, When, Where, and How, of Pinterest


I was thinking about starting a pinterest site, so I investigated.

My Definition of Pinterest:

A revealing to others of who a person is by likes and dislikes, desires and wants, a persons imagination unfolded for all to see.


When something or someone new comes into my life I usually ask a very lot of questions of others.

“You went over to their home?  How was it?  Is it big like a mansion or small and cute like a cottage?  What colors do they like?  Is it modern or traditional?  What kind of art do they display?  Abstract or Realism?  What kind of yard to they have?  Is it only grass and no trees?  Or do they seem to enjoy growing instead of mowing?  How many rooms?  What does the kitchen look like?  (Kitchens are the heart of the home!)  Is the front facing south?  Or are they facing north?  What kind of this?  What kind of that?”

I know to some these questions seem like I am being desirous of another’s life.  In reality?  It is no different then those persons who love pinterest, and post, and post, and post, of those things they like, things that others have revealed in pictures of what their interests are, or desire to one day attain, always reposting and admiring.  In reality, I actually deduce who certain people are by how they live… same as they with me.  That is our nature.  I am not saying it is right or wrong.  I am saying that we all have likes and dislikes in our life, and, to be honest, if after my interrogation of Who, What, When, Where, and How, can put my mind at rest of the character of a person, then I say, “More power to them!”

Who? ~ Usually a person is understood by his thought flow.  So, this would be pinned under “quips” or “quotes” or “words to live by”.

What? ~ Is anything pertaining to life.  Types of food, clothing, exercise, religion, crafts etc.  Things that make up “what” a person reveals themselves to be to the world.

When? ~ All those posts about the holidays.  Decorations, parties.  Time for this and time for that.  You get the picture.

Where? ~ Now this is one for everybody to enjoy!  Vacations!  Where you want to be at this moment or a moment in the future.  Those vacations of your wildest dreams, all in pictures to desire and covet in hopes of peace and relaxation.

How? ~ This is a little tricky, for this not only reveals how ones life is being played out through photos, but, in my mind, the how on pinterest would have to be related to all those ideas of cutting back and saving money, like thriftiness in the kitchen and in the home.  How to cut back on spending in one area of life so Who can attain and enjoy their What, When, and Where.



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I just loved this story! (link)  This seventeen year old kid helps to raise money for the people of Ghana.  And this, all without a huge following unto himself.

No need for a megachurch if you truly want to help others.


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Sleep in Peace When the Day is Done

Dragonflies and butterflies…  you know what I mean.

And I’m feeling good.

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white chalk in hand









markers made of chains

from necklaces of long ago

one-legged balance

up and back

don’t step on a crack

pause for a pick-up of success thrown

propelling you forward

to the end

the goal attained

only to repeat

all over again

© mutteringheart

It was summer long ago, when I would stay out till the lights came on all along the streets, hopping up one way then down the other on the hopscotch drawn on the sidewalk in front of our home.  Playing game after game with my friends until their mothers called them home for dinner.

I would stay outside until the light from the front porch was no match for the darkness that would beset upon my joy.  Until I could not see straight to throw that piece of chain I had, trying hard to make it inside each square without touching the lines.  I would then reluctantly go inside, always desiring to be out.  Dreaming of the next day and how I would master my aim.  Playing the game all over again, and again, and again.

I loved playing hopscotch!

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Whatever May Come, Know This…

There is a love so great and true

Given to me and you

That, whatever may come or whatever betide

Know this…

That love conquers all

Those things that seem great

Those things that seem small

So, do not brood over the past

But, get beyond all that aghast

Fill your heart with His love

Then you will rise above.

Above all the things that are fictional in your mind

With love, will not take root and bind

Free yourself, then, from long ago hurts

Fill your heart with His love and let it burst

Pray a little prayer and set it on angels wings

To be carried to those long never seen

“Know this, dear one, whatever may come,

my love for you, will not be undone.”

© mutteringheart

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The clouds are not moving today

They just sit there in their own formation way

I see the ones wispy and small

and those that hold rain

Big and tall

It is like time standing still

beckoning me to His will

I will walk through that door

Hopefully, forever more

No more walking on this tear-stained floor

Flee to Him and forget the past

For nothing really ever lasts

Soon the wind will come again

Pushing on those clouds so dark and grim

Allowing the glow and the blue

To swallow me whole

without a clue

For those I know and for what they’ve done

be it bad or good

this I pray for everyone

“Lord may they get only what they deserve

to those who had me hurt or helped me through

knowing the pain it caused in me

give to them accordingly

Lord, unlike some of them without repentance shown

please hear my plea and don’t leave me alone

do to them as they have done ~ deservedly”

I know this prayer to be right and good

for He showed it me in His word


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Three Things in Life


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