The best ‘shell with shoes on’

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A few years ago I was introduced to a friendly character. His name was Marcel.

He may not look like your average shell, after all he’s got an eye and is wearing some shoes, but that adds to his appeal. He’s a friendly guy and would like to share some of his thoughts with you. If you haven’t seen this Youtube video (and let’s be honest, even if you have) then you definitely need to watch it:

This is the first outing of Marcel, giving us some of his vital views on his world.

But he’s more than just a one-video wonder, here he is again in 2011 spreading his joy once more:

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is the stop-motion baby of director Dean Fleischer-Camp and actor Jenny Slate, who both wrote the short. The original, and the first video I posted was made in 2010 and has over 23.6…

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Taking My Ball and Going Elsewhere


Funny how so many are boo-hooing over Mark Driscoll and his resignation acting like he is some guru that needs to be lifted up on a pedestal!  Then this guy from Texas, Robert Morris, condones Mark Driscoll’s actions and feels so sorry for him and his family, stating, “But, it is surprising how we believe so quickly something that we read about a brother in Christ that we never even met.”  (I could write that list of corruption for you but that would be redundant.)

Quote from my husband: “This guy has no shame. Bad guys coming to shoot his sisters???? He had no idea of news media coverage????”  “It is his sob story. He trapes out his family to cover his disgusting sin. Wow. He can’t help himself.
He is like a heroin  addict.”

Funny how my daughter and ‘her family’ claimed the same thing about us wanting to shoot them.  Must be one of the tricks of the trade to disown others.  My daughter has learned well this blame the other guy for the sin in your life then run and hide.  Never to come under any ‘pastoral authority’ in their own lives…  especially the one that they call the ‘Senior Pastor Jesus Christ.’  My daughter learned well not to come unto a restoration process with those that she hurt, but, to just shun and ignore and walk away like all those that were in her life for years does not matter.  Just like Mark Driscoll did and has done to his own congregation.  MD thinks that saying he is sorry covers up his mistakes.  His actions show he never decided to reconcile or come under any type of authority, only that which is what ‘he thinks’ is fair, causing that bus to sit on the chest of those that are under it until crushing, having it hurt even more.

Where is the restoration?

I was hoping Mark would do the right thing and teach those in his (ex)congregation how to be compassionate and caring and loving towards others.  Nope.  He dumped all those that gave him millions of dollars to get where he is at and then just up and takes his ball home with him all because someone pointed out that he isn’t throwing it very well. (which woke others up and they stopped giving)  So, now let’s go somewhere else where others can be duped and they will gladly pay MD to play once again.

My daughter learned well not to have any compassion for anyone but herself by this man and Mars Hill church, which she has placed above what is good and right and what the Lord requires of thee.  There is no understanding with those who Love Mark Driscoll for they place him higher than the Word of God which is Christ Himself.

Sad, sad, sad.  May the Good Lord’s will be done!

I found this comment below eye-opening.  The neo-church in America has hired a bunch of thieves and the people have become blinded and idiots unto it’s bidding.  Nothing but idolatry.

From GWInsida from Warren Throckmorton’s site:

For all those who have supplied great intel on the MH Saga over the last several months, let me now return the favor. Driscoll decides to kick-off his “Come Back
Tour” in of all places, a church in Southlake, TX at the Gateway Leadership +
Worship Conference, a boondoggle where 4,000 pastors come to find out how they too can become millionaires through flogging the gospel of Jesus Christ and
their scripture flecked self-help books.

Why Gateway and Head Pastor Robert Morris? First, because it is by far the most lucrative independent church in North America. At year end 2013 GW was clipping in tithes and offerings at the rate of $10 million PER MONTH! And it has grown considerably since then although no numbers are confirmed. Some say $150 million this year isn’t out of reach for what GW calls 2014 “The Year of Optimization.” Not the year of Jesus; just optimization. GW is the 8th largest church in the US, but #1, Joel Osteen’s Lakewood’s last reported annual
income in 2012 was only a paltry $75 million, and he isn’t experiencing
staggering growth like GW. So, why would GW risk their reputation by promoting a man who preaches on the altar of Jesus that women who are just “p*nis homes “ anyway who should give blowj**s to bring their men to Jesus, pays almost a
quarter of million dollars to rig the NYT Bestsellers list all for personal enrichment, plagiarized in at least 8 books, engaged in what appears to be
fraudulent fund-raising to the tune of $10 million, swears/curses on the altar,
abuses people savagely, engages in severe shunning rituals, conducts demon sex trials like it’s Salem in 1692, has recurring pornographic visions sent from
the “holy spirit” and abuses tithes and offerings to fund exorbitant lifestyles
of the top execs just to name a few transgressions. This man is not a shepherd, he is an outright wolf. Yet Robert Morris brings him on, calls him a very, very close friend and gives him his first post “focus break”/investigation period, public stage. Why?

First, because of whom the audience is. You won’t find a friendlier or more receptive audience. Ever. These are 4,000 pastors who are attending using their congregants funds so they can learn how to turn their smaller churches into the next giga-church so like Robert, they too can drive brand new Porches, own a giant lakeside second home with huge speed boat with built in jet skis, million dollar local mansion with with a recently added pool house and a resort back yard that could shame the Gaylord (yet isn’t reflected on his property tax evaluation yet, meaning the good pastor isn’t paying his fair share of taxes – not surprising when his own sons are disputing their own taxes as well). Those 4,000 pastors are there because they are greedy and materialistic and they want big fat church so they can get their big fat earthly rewards. Sort of like hedging their bets in case heaven is myth, I suppose. I wonder how hard it is to fit large BMW sedans and 40’ boats through the eye of a needle? I mean, forget MD for a minute… They’re paying to hear Steven Furtick – the King of the Cults with his cultic coloring books and his black dice with runes on them reminiscent of the ones the SS used, that are given to all the little children so they can better memorize their oath to their “leader” Ps Steven and his creepy mission. Check it out on youtube You can’t make this stuff up. Steven, likewise, lives in a massive 7 figure mansion just like Morris and Driscoll.

Only he has 19 wooded acres protecting him and his 16,000 sq ft mansion. Most of these 4,000 pastors have gone to seminary. They should be able to
recognize heresy. But Hey Haters, quit wanting to refer to that inconvenient scripture and Christian Doctrine. You’re just haters for always wanting to ”go
deeper! “ Still doubt that these 4,000 are sell out wolf wannabes? You know who
last year’s speakers were? Perry Noble and Joel Osteen. Shouldn’t have to
address Osteen, but not sure about Noble?

Well he and Furtick also abused Result Source to rig their sales for
personal enrichment. Perry Noble had a college professor’s life ruined because this Christian professor simply asked the question whether Perry and his church should refer to their worship services and youth ministry as being BAMF! (Bad A*s Mother F****r)! on their church website. Check out Pajama Pages
for yourself. The torture they put this decent man through to silence a would be critic is horrifying and heartbreaking. Yet 3,200 pastors were just great with it last year, and thousands of GW women just gush over Perry at their Pink Impact Conference. Who cares if Perry was responsible for making the good professor and his wife leave a hospital with an empty baby car seat, without their newborn baby, because that there is just funny to the New Spring folks. Shame on the women of GW for giving such a man their platform!! What does this say about their own ethics? Perry also hands out “dime bags” when teaching Morris’
false tithing doctrine, and has AC/DC’s Highway to Hell played at maximum legal
decibel limits at his Easter Service. Yes, congregations (aka lamb cutlets) are paying money to fly their pastors to TX to become more like these ravenous, soulless wolves.

The standing O was BTW was not for or about MD but rather for RM and the other 4,000 uniting to stand against those horrible victims who are telling “lies” about them. If we all unite they can’t ask questions. Robert is actually trying to inoculate himself against future criticism. Last fall Robert mentioned in his Free Indeed sermon how he had been arrested committing a class 2 felony (the same as second degree murder, classification wise) when he robbed an occupied home (which his in-house PR guru later had edited from that particular sermon along with some other scandalous statements he made in that series).
He also admits to buying, selling and using drugs including weed, cocaine and meth, like it’s a badge of honor. He not only did the drugs but cheated on his wife all while he was PREACHING!!! Of course, he claims he was in “bondage” at
the time, plus his sermons keep shifting the time lines, so “some” of the stuff
occurred while he was preaching but before he was “really” saved. Robert is trying to vaccinate himself from the giant PR fiasco looming over him like the sword of Damocles. Can’t spill yet, but he knows it’s coming. That’s why the 2014 Conference is all about “Grace”. Lots and lots of grace. And if MD can be redeemed, of course he and his other interesting pastoral staff of well over 200 can also be redeemed). Don’t want to overwhelm but there are many more reasons why RM is forming this unholy alliance. Preston Morrison who opened the DayStar Broadcast got his own tony GW Scottsdale branch which he preaches at (GW’s other 5 campuses broadcast RM’s message).
Would not be surprised if MD doesn’t get himself one of those GW branch
offices. But somewhere where the sailing and golfing is better than Seattle.
Robert can well afford it and I hear the OC is beautiful this time of year. Want to hear more??

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Cooking With Dog… Now I’m Hungry!

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Every Knee Shall Bow

And every tongue confess

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Go On Take The Money and Run!

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In The Here and Now


While reading this book it reminded me of how free and close to God I was as a child.  I remember the shadow of the leaves, the sun glistening within the stream of the water flowing freely from the hose, the feeling of grass on my feet in the summertime of fun, the waves washing over me as I dive in and up and out.  Remember those things?  Then think on Him.  For He created it all and declared it to be good.

As an adult there comes so much more concerns in life…  not just for yourself, but, for those you love.  But, if we are ‘awake’ to that which God is concerned with and not what man is concerned with, then we are at peace.

As a child we are in awe by so much that surrounds us and we notice more the little things in life.  Children have the innocence and trust knowing our God is not just in the ‘big’ things, but, also in the bugs, birds, fish in the sea.  The sun, moon, stars and air that we breathe.  The trees, grass, sand beneath our feet.

Listen to the little things in life that surround you.  Those things that God created and said, “It is good!”  Hear the voice of the bird, feel the wind on your face, consider the heavens and all they contain.  Then you shall be ‘awake’.

Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.  For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.  And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.  Romans 8:21-23

Enjoy a ‘wilderness’ experience, and meditate upon His goodness, in the here and now.

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Joy Comes In The Morning!

Sing praise to the Lord, you saints of His,
And give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name.
For His anger is but for a moment,
His favor is for life;
Weeping may endure for a night,
But joy comes in the morning.  Psalm 30:4-5

I have been so happy of late.  My heartache has receded and is almost all but gone and my soul has been lifted by His great and mighty song!  For Joy does come to those who are in Him.  Though trials may come and life seems so dim.  There is a Light that outshines them all.  I have been blessed for He has captured me out of the descent, out of my fall, unto despair from the knowledge of hate and cruelty in this world.  Although it has not come so quickly as I wanted, this rescue from sorrow.  His favor is for life and a new tomorrow!

I was meant to play my part in the design of a desperate heart.  While You, Lord, gave your love to me, I was betting I was getting it for free.

I’m not sure who you think you’ll see (or even who you thought you have seen all along)…   I now know what a heart costs and I am done paying that price.  For the past is buried and gone now, and I have “Joy in the morning!”

A Much Greater Joy than I could even imagine!


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