Just Curious

Don’t know if y’all heard about this EV-D68 virus that seems to have just appeared out of nowhere.

Well, with the CDC being in the news lately about having been exposed to the dangers of tainted vaccines, and the false reports and cover ups of what they are injecting into your child and how it is now being linked to these vaccines we subject our children to, it got me thinking.

Uh-oh, I am thinking again!

We as a society seem to like to use children as just some object we are scientifically experiencing on with “mans invention” of inoculations (do you think any child wants to be poked and prodded with needles?).  And here it is now, the time that all your children out there need to be vaccinated before school starts, or maybe school already started for some, and these children are coming down with an unusual virus.

I deduce it to in part from subjecting oneself, or the one you love (thinking “it’s for the best!”), to being poked and prodded.  Think of the timing:  Kid needs to go to school or daycare.  Kid can’t go to school or daycare because he did not have all the vaccines required to be at school or daycare.  That is another question of mine…  “Why would my unvaccinated child hurt your vaccinated one if you are so sure those vaccines work?”  “And, if you are not afraid by my choice as a US citizen to not vaccinate then why does it offend you?” That last question can go for just about everything in life…  I choose this, you choose that.  So What?!  So do those that vaccinate think that they are free to choose as they please, but, I am not?

My curiosity about this new virus rearing its ugly head right around school starting and the ones who are suffering with it.  The ages of those suffering?  Those in the age range of infant to sixteen years of age.

Doesn’t it make you curious too?

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Move to the Groove!

This is the Michael Jackson I remember.  Love those moves!

In highschool I could not believe I let someone cut my hair and it turned out just like Cher’s in this video.  Good hair for a performance, but not for real life. :)

I’ll be there.

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Coverlovers – Tina Turner & Cher – Shame, Shame, Shame

muttering heart:

Yep! shame on you if you can’t dance too!! :)

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And THAT’S what they call a happy ending!

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The Adventures of Lil’ One


We have a family of crows that have been hanging around our house lately.  It used to be just my “three amigos” and then on some days there will be four or even more.  Then about a week ago we had received a new vistor…  “Lil’ One” as I call her or him.  It is almost like the other crows decided to just dump her/him off in our backyard for Grandma and Grandpa to take care of.

Lil’ One is still getting used to just walking and bopping around.  She has not decided to or can not use her wings as of yet.  (In my mind it is a girl for she gets along wonderfully with the chickens!)

The day we noticed little one she was stumbling all over the place, acting like a baby that has just found out it could use those things under her belly to motivate herself.  It was getting dark and Lil’ One was all alone wandering around on the slope off the deck of our yard.  She is so small compared to the others.  We made her a bed out of the cats old poo box with some straw and put her up higher for the night.  That was Lil’ Ones first encounter or adventure with us humans.  She did not put up a fight to be carried and taken care of.  I went online (great to have access to info isn’t it?) to find out more about baby crows.  The info said that sometimes the babies leave the nest before they can fly and just hang out in an area until they learn how to use their wings and the other crows will come and tend to the baby.  So, next morning, when she was not where we put her, we figured she just was being tended to and finally learned to fly somewhat.

Later that day we saw Lil’ One wandering around in the same area once again.  We decided to not try to help it too much and just let nature to the work.  Especially after finding out we could be helping it for thirty years!  Because they will grow attached and want you to be their family for the rest of their life.  I love her, but, no thanks.  Besides, she needs to be free.

A couple of days later, while we were enjoying our yard this past weekend, we were watching her wander around, hopping here and there almost like she was playing a game of pounce on the black snake (garden hose that is), that’s when we noticed she was trying to remove some kind of thread all tangled on her foot.  Lil’ One jumped up on the edge of the planter box, bent her head down to pick at that string, then just fell completely over onto her back and laid there.  Oh, what a pitiful sight.  She did not know what to do and laid there until I did what I didn’t want to do and picked her up.

While she was cradled in my left arm, my husband and I removed the string that was wrapped around her foot.  There would have been no way that crow could have removed it on her own for it was so tightly tangled this way and that way and it took us a long time to undo it, even with scissors.  We put her down again to leave her to her parents and siblings (siblings help feed the baby crows too, for up to two years they feed them!).

Lil’ One likes to come up on the deck and check things out for food and such (she knows I feed my girls there sometimes.)  Yesterday she was on the deck and had slipped her foot down between the boards nearest the outside of the deck.  Then she flopped over the deck causing her to hang upside down by that foot that was caught.  (This is when we decided maybe little one is just a little stupid?)  I pulled her back up onto the deck so she would not hurt her leg from the struggle of hanging there.  Then she bit me on the finger and would not let go.  It was like she thought I caused her leg to be clamped into that vice.  I freed myself and then decided the best way to get her loose would be to go under the deck and gentle guide her foot up.  Well, when I touched her claw it was like a reaction without thinking on Lil’ One’s part and she pulled her foot up and out of her bondage.

These are some of the adventures that Lil’ One has had.  The ones that we know of.  Wonder what else she gets herself into all day long?  Wonder if her parents or siblings have had a time of constant caring for her that they decided to hand the duty over to us for a bit?

Hope her next big adventure will be to fly!

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Sunflower Power!

sunflower sunflower1

This was one of the seeds my husband really looked forward to planting this year.  I think it reminds him of another time when things were really happy and fun with loved ones.

These sunflowers have the power to make us smile! :)


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Hope… Is There Any?

Think I am going to do the same with some of those words…  make a huge fire in the pit in my backyard, unload it all, and burn it!

Thank you, my dear friend from Texas, for this video.  Thanks.  You must have known how the full moon was treating my ‘hun and po’ today. ;)  (I know you get my humor. Secret?  I actually voted for him on American Idol. :) )

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The Girls

This is Buffy. She is a brave and independent little one.  She lays brown colored eggs.  Buffy is a sweetheart and is so quiet…  until she lays that egg!  But, out of all our chickens she is the least to worry about…  except always finding a way to sneak into our garden patch and scratching it all up.  That’s okay, we love her anyway!


Here are Miss Lizzie (brown in back), Lacy, the black and white one in the middle, and Brownie (not Cagney after all :) ) the one in the front. They are having a late afternoon treat of plain yogurt. They love yogurt and it is good for their digestive system.

thegirls thegirls1

Brownie lays white eggs and we have taken to calling her “Frenchie”, for her comb flops over the side of her head like she is wearing a beret. Also, when she stands up straight she reminds us of the Rossignol ski logo. Brownie is always the first to find a way out of the run area (need to fix that) and complains if she cannot have the laying box all to herself.  (I have to admit that Brownie is my favorite, I give her kisses all the time!)

Lizzie and Lacey lay brown colored eggs. Miss Lizzie is the boss.  The first in line of the hen pecking order.  She just got over brooding (trying to hatch the unfertilized eggs) and before that she just got over molting.  So, we have not had any eggs from her for a while.

Lacey is so sweet and the biggest chicken we have!  She always makes this cooing noise that sounds like she is asking “whaat?”  Every time she is around us it is like she is always asking us a question.  You would not believe the conversations we carry on with each other. :)

Then we have She-She!  She is the vocal one.  Always calling me from the henhouse to open the door and let them out.  So loud is she that sometimes I think she picked up her ‘voice’ from the roosters she used to live with. She follows me everywhere looking for a handout.  Her eggs are the blue-green colored ones.  Like Lacey, we have some pretty good conversations about her wanting treats.


She-She is what I would call the “adoptive one”.  I did not raise her from a chick.  She was purchased to keep Lizzie from going into depression after she lost her friends Lily and Lulu.  When she came to us I had to bring her back to health.  Her previous home was pretty crowded.  To see her now she acts as if she died and wound up in paradise!  She can never get enough sun…  they did not have much sun at her previous home, it was all caged in and shaded.  No roaming free for her in the old home.  She-She sure is a character, this “bearded lady”, as my son calls her.

Who would have thought that chickens have such personalities, and all different too!


(From Lizzie and She-She.  Photo from Easter 2014.)


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