Holiday Gift?

Parody for Tips and Tricks on how to use instagram as a Christian girl.

I Laughed out Loud!  #Shuddered at the sadness of it all.

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I think it is time to just call it finished.

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Somewhere In A Strangers Eyes…

Water races, water races down.

There is no danger where Love has eyes that is not blind.

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It’s Friday, One More Post For The Day!

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I Married a Captain and King :)

Okay, so it is not exactly what others might think… me marrying this ‘king.’

It is kind of ironic how the wallflower of highschool wound up with this man of substance.   I always say that it must have been our age difference for him to even consider me. I shied away from having others notice me (boy have I changed!).  Others might know my husband as the one who was always driven.  On the wrestling team, Captain of the football team (who made the first two touchdowns for his alma mater back in the day), and chosen to be a king at the Homecoming dance.  He had been chased by numerous girls since the time he was little.  So much so, that his mother told me she had to ask the teacher to please allow his son to get a head start heading home for the day so that my love could get home before the little girls caught up to him, just to try to kiss him.

When we met I lived five blocks from the beach in Santa Monica and he in Orange County.  I was working in an auto parts store that was owned by friends of my eldest sister and her husband.  This auto parts place was in the heart of Los Angeles, Watts, to be exact.  My employer had just purchased the latest computer by Burroughs. The ‘B80′ is what they called it.   There was just the three of us women in the office without windows.  Lunch was a time of watching soap operas while doing work and/or eating.  Angie was always on that old punch card machine tallying the days sales and inventory.  Betty, my boss and co-owner, was busy with the Purchase Orders and phone calls all day long, keeping things in order to always be ready for those pesky tax preparers.  Me? I started out filing and opening mail, etc.   I helped with Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (the hard way at first), filing and opening mail, making coffee in the morning and running to pick up lunch from the various cafe’s, restaurants, and little places (that is what we called those walk up window places… little places).  I was twenty years old at the time and these kind and generous people gave me a chance and a future with learning that new computer.  They had paid my way and sent me to school in Pasadena for classes on how to operate such a monstrous thing.

This B80 machine took up a lot of space.  There was a huge disk drive setup and its size was like that of a filing cabinet, just a little bigger, where the huge disk drives were stored.  The keyboard area was the size of a desk (bigger than the one I am at right now).  There were the ‘F’ keys, all along the top of the keyboard just like the keyboards we have now.  (Funny how those keys all started with ‘F’, that inventor must have been pretty frustrated with how and what and where to get that thing functional…  oh yeah, that’s right, they are called function keys.  :)  F1 helped turned the computer on.

One day, after turning on that computer and sitting down to start my day, it shut down on me like it just didn’t want to try anymore.  A service call was placed and, unbeknownst to me, answering that call was my future husband.

“It just died on me.” I had stated.

He looked it over and did his magic, and wah la, that computer started up again.

“I need to go to another customer site just a little bit away from here, if anything happens just put in another call.  But, whatever you do, do not shut down the computer,” he said to me.

Well, to make a long story short.  That computer died on me once again.

When my future husband came to look at that computer, again, he found it was because one of those fans that was supposed to keep that computer cool had given up fanning, thus making that computer hot and shut down.  While he was replacing that fan I noticed he had Dodger tickets in his front pocket.  The previous customer gave him four season tickets to the game for that night.

Well, I, along with my sister and her husband and family members were going to go to see the Dodgers play the next night.

“I see you have tickets to the Dodgers game.  When are you going?  We are going tomorrow.”  (I loved the Dodgers back then!  Mostly because I loved the voice of summer…  Vin Scully.  Every year when baseball started and you heard Vin Scully speak you could feel the warmth of the sun.)

My future husband said to me, “They are for tonight.  Do you want to go with me?”

I am so thankful that I said, “Yes!”

Right side of the plate and behind the dugout. Great seats!  Still do not remember who won, for we talked through the whole game!

Who would have thought I would marry such an outgoing, kind, caring, loving human being?!  My captain, the homecoming king!  :)

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John 17:24 (In His Hands)

muttering heart:

I leave it in Your Hands. In Your Hands you hold tomorrow. Great song, thanks for sharing River Walk!

Originally posted on The River Walk:

in his hands

 Father, I want these whom you have given me to be with me where I am. Then they can see all the glory you gave me because you loved me even before the world began! (John 17:24)

Read: Acts 6:1 – 8:1

Relate: The one thing I love about working with college students is that they know everything. Just ask them. They are sure to tell you whatever you need to know about whatever the subject is you happen to be discussing. Sometimes there might even be a fact or two buried deep inside their firmly entrenched and completely convinced opinion. In a way I feel a bit sorry for them. As the years go by, wisdom and experience will seem to drive so much of their “knowledge” away. At least, it will for the wisest of those students. There are some who never seem to grow up. On the flip…

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The best ‘shell with shoes on’

Originally posted on Steve and Jon's best things:

A few years ago I was introduced to a friendly character. His name was Marcel.

He may not look like your average shell, after all he’s got an eye and is wearing some shoes, but that adds to his appeal. He’s a friendly guy and would like to share some of his thoughts with you. If you haven’t seen this Youtube video (and let’s be honest, even if you have) then you definitely need to watch it:

This is the first outing of Marcel, giving us some of his vital views on his world.

But he’s more than just a one-video wonder, here he is again in 2011 spreading his joy once more:

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is the stop-motion baby of director Dean Fleischer-Camp and actor Jenny Slate, who both wrote the short. The original, and the first video I posted was made in 2010 and has over 23.6…

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