The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Everytime I think of my previous post this theme song just keeps popping into my head.

Who really are the good or bad or ugly.   Are the good beautiful?  Are the bad ugly?  Or, are the ugly good and bad, while escaping being beautiful?

What’s in your head?  You now know what is in mine.  Music…  always music.  Followed by a dilemma.

(I just can’t stop whistling that tune)

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Angels at The Bus Stop.

“Man I am beat,” I thought to myself.  Walking two blocks up and one block over, then straight to cross the main street in our hometown, just to cross again from west to east.

This is where I catch my bus to get to highschool.  I am in my senior year, yet, no one believes me.  No one believes I am a senior, that is.  Having been asked even by my own Physical Education teacher at the end of the school year to join the Tennis Team, for they were in need of girls who could play tennis, and I guess she thought I could play (I’ve learned how to fake it…  I’ve learned how to fake a lot of things at that age of seventeen.)  “Sorry, teacher, but I am a senior and I won’t be here next year.”  “No, you are not, I don’t believe it!  You look so young!” exclaim all those were in doubt of my “ageiness”.

So tired was I that morning.  After working all weekend in a downtown Los Angeles restaurant.  Being gipped once again on pay, just because I was family, “She is not in need of money,” reports the owner to the manager, “For she lives at home.”  I was never paid in check or hourly, it was always under the table.  Twenty five dollars here, or ten dollars there.  Never anything substantial enough to even buy my basic necessities, or to share with friends for a movie and fast-food.  “At least high school and that job that comes with it of doing redundant work will be over soon!”

Anyway, on with my story.

Envision if you will, one, even yourself, after having crossed that street east to the point of pick-up.  Passing the small convenience store on your right, wondering as you walk towards all the other high schoolers gathered to catch a ride, if they will just let you pass on by them today, to stand on the other side, away from that crowd. (There were too many days of mean people who like to torture me at bus stops, the shy one, the loner, so they called me.) Waiting in front of this old pink colored spanish style home with a low wall in the front, trying hard to keep us teenagers off its lawn.  This is not necessarily the safest place in L.A., but, it is not the worst either.

Half asleep from not having enough sleep, I was stirred unto reality by the screaming of the cholo girls gathered to the left of me and in front of this low wall of this spanish style home, in the not so good, but, sometimes better than others town.  I turned and look at them, “What is wrong with these brash people now?”

Then I saw.  Up came this car, turning right from around the corner liquor store, tan in color was this sedan with four gang members inside.  The car started slowing down and the passenger window was open.  “Bang! Bang! Bang!” went the gun pointed at those cholo girls who were screaming and at the same time jumping over that low brick wall for the cover of safety.  The car kept coming up east towards me.  When it finally dawned on me what was taking place I was looking straight into the eyes of that Mexican gangster.  They are still very clear in my mind, even unto this day, his eyes.  And then his understanding of who I wasn’t.

I wasn’t what or who they were looking for.

When this person met my gaze, he almost apologetically removed his outstretched arm that was holding that gun, pulling it inside the car, while at the same time the driver punched the pedal to the metal and they were gone.

It was like a dream.  It happened so fast that you did not even think it was real.

Thankfully no was hit by a flying bullet.  Only that old pink spanish style home.  After those girls came back around from the place they were hiding did I hear that it was all because the target that day, that beautiful one with the long black locks, the one girl who left the guy with the gun, and started dating a rival gang member.

No sooner did these girls come out from their hiding space did our bus roll up.  I was first in line!

My angels were surrounding me that day at the school bus stop.  As they do, even today.

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“The Watchman on The Wall”

The story of Ex-Executive Assistant of Mark Driscoll, Karen Schaeffer, and her letter to Mark Driscoll, posted at “We Love Mars Hill” website.

WOW! and AMEN!

“They have loved the place of absolute power over others. They have craved it as a mistress, more than they have loved the Lord their God in their heart of hearts and God knows their hearts and He will judge them as He judged Cain for the blood of Abel crying from the ground. The blood of many cries to God from the desert wasteland of betrayal and abuse.”

“Most of the Elders have been deluded and filled with fear of man and they have adjusted their vision to honor one man’s kingdom instead of the ONE Man in whose Kingdom we truly reside, in whom we can trust, whose vision is right and true and good and faithful.”

May we all become “watchmen”.

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Consider the Ravens

Between the river and the ravens I am fed.

Sweet Deliverer you lift up my head.

Lead me in Your Way.

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Bury Me Deep. and Cover Me With Snow.

The things that I want to do I don’t do at all.

So bury me deep.  Cover me with snow.

the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is so weak.

Take me home before it’s too late.

Bury me deep.

Wake me when it is spring time in heaven!!!

Thank you Dustin; you are awake!

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Are We Blushing Yet?

Well, I thought I would never again, but…

Warren Throckmorton’s post today is very interesting. (link)

Did the Elders of Mars Hill Church take note and decided to use those stones that Mark gave to them during that “grow some” meeting some months ago, and are finally showing themselves to be approved and are calling Mark Driscoll out?

Interesting because it has been found out that Acts 29 did exchange dialog on Removing a certain church from their Network.

Public Statements Claim That There Was No Contact Between Mark/BOAA and A29 Board Prior To A29 Removing MH From Network We have been repeatedly told that no one from the A29 board talked to Mark or to our board prior to removing Mark from the network. This is only true if by “talk” you mean “told us beforehand that they were kicking us out,” and if you dismiss contact between individual board members with Mark and with each other. The impression created by these statements was one where it seemed that the A29 board had made their decision having had no communication with people close to Mark or with Mark himself, with no actual insight into the situation, and with no care for Mark or Mars Hill. The truth is that multiple members of both boards had been in direct contact with each other, and with Mark, exhorting and rebuking him over the course of months and years, and to say or imply otherwise is deeply misleading. Paul Tripp has confirmed that he specifically was in contact multiple times, while on the BOAA, with Matt Chandler, Steve Timmis, and Eric Mason about the state of Pastor Mark’s repentance. To be fair,…

Also, interesting, because of a former BOAA members statement:

Sounds like the BOAA has some explaining to do. The letter also quotes Paul David Tripp as expressing great concern for the church but also delivering a somber assessment of the ability of the church to recover while the current leadership team is in place. Tripp calls Mars Hill “the most abusive, coercive ministry culture I’ve ever been involved with.” Tripp also spells out his great concern for the church and believes reconciliation can come. He offered to take part in that process.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

Are we blushing yet?

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Nor Did They Know How to Blush

Was reading in Jeremiah 6 this morning…

“Because from the least of them even to the greatest of them, Everyone is given to covetousness; And from the prophet even to the priest, Everyone deals falsely.  They have also healed the hurt of My people slightly, Saying, ‘Peace, peace!’ When there is no peace.  Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination?  No! They were not at all ashamed;  Nor did they know how to blush.  Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; At the time I punish them, They shall be cast down,” says the Lord.

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